A lesson from the gym

Exercise sucks - what is it besides physical labor & hard work?

It’s a model for how to live your life. You don’t have to exercise, or be in any sort of athletic shape. I mean that exercising over time physically teaches a much needed skill-set to achieve a more productive life.

If you’ve never been before, your first steps into a gym can be intimidating. Nothing makes sense. How do these exercises work? Which muscle groups should I be working out? Cardio now or later? When will I see results?

When will I see results?.

When? Over time.

Over time, and after a lot of effort - you will see the physical results you’ve been looking for, and you’ll have become a better person for it.

In an on-demand society, this is the antithesis of what people want - immediate satisfaction. But the only way to be the best version of yourself, is to keep putting that work in. Consistently, and over time.

I don’t mean working out at the gym - I mean everywhere. You want to become a better designer? Design more. Do side projects. Re-design well know stuff. You want to become a better coder? Code more. Contribute to open source projects. Sacrifice your “free” time. The results may not be physical - but the path to success is the same.

 The cost is your time, and the results are your future. It won’t be fast, and it won’t be easy - but nothing of any value ever is.


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