Products, not frameworks.

Almost everything I read about javascript right now seems to be framework related. Angular this, react that (I know - not a framework) , ember is the worst, meteor is the worst, and on and on.

Lots of frameworks are good and bad. But really, who the fuck cares what framework you use?

Anyone who is competent in javascript can learn to use a framework.

I, like most people, care about what you built - the tools you used are secondary.

Many people seem to feel that one framework or another is tied to some level of guaranteed success. “If only I could find the perfect framework, I could build the next snapchat!”

Nope. #

Execution is what creates success.

If you think a framework has problems, don’t use it. Shouting from the roof tops that anyone who uses it has their head up their own ass, only paints you as narrow minded and inexperienced.

Besides infinitely different use-cases, any developer building a product can do their own diligence on the tools they might use, and take necessary precautions.

Build things people care about, and everyone will want to know how you did it. #


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